It was such sad news this afternoon when I learned of Kobe Bryant’s sudden death along with his daughter and others on the helicopter with them. They were travelling to his daughter’s basketball game.

I started to write of their “untimely deaths”. From our point of view it was untimely. But for God it was right on time. God says He numbers our days and He wants to teach us to number our days.

We take life for granted but we shouldn’t – it is a gift. Given to us by God and it will end at a time of his choosing. Not a minute before.

A very gifted and talented athlete who used his fame and fortune to help others. A beautiful young daughter. It’s hard to put it all together…It’s OK to ask God “Why?” But we must be content with His silence.

As someone said after 911, “We can’t see His hand but we can trust His heart.” We have to drill down to the bedrock of God’s character.

And it is a call for all of us to take stock of our lives. “Teach us to numbest our days so that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” numbering our days.

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