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This has been a long cold Winter and it doesn’t look like it is over yet! Spring likes to tease us throwing in a really warm day then dropping us on our heads with a cold temperature. I don’t like it. But I’m not the One in charge. I’ll just be patient and wait. The patient part is hard for me. Well, waiting is too.

Who likes to wait? We live in an “instant” society. It started with instant coffee. We no longer had to wait for the peculator. Do you remember the first computer you got? It had a dial-up modem. You would give it a command and it would do it’s thing and in a minute or two you got your response. And if you needed to download a page it could take a minute or more. We considered it a marvel until digital came along and gave us instant answers.

But instant answers don’t come with wisdom. Too frequently we rush to the answer without considering if it is true or not. Just look at the news media and politics. Who do you know in that field really ponders their answers and gives wisdom? I am sure there are some… These days it really isn’t real journalism, it’s opinion giving. We need wisdom to understand the difference.

Instant answers have little, if any, depth. Virtually no wisdom but we rely on them because we are busy and don’t have time to wait for wisdom. But how do we wait for wisdom? Quietly – tune out the noises around you, the noise in your own head. Think.

Read slowly and consider, think about what you read. When I was in high school, I was required to take a speed-reading course. I regret that. I can skim a page and get the gist of it – but that is not really reading to gain understanding and wisdom. It’s more like what they do in Congress now with heres 2200 page bills they pass without real thought or consideration.

But that’s another subject!

The best way to get wisdom is in the scriptures. Read it. Meditate on it. How do you meditate? Well let me give you an example: If you want to meditate on Psalm 23:1, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” Read it silently. Then read it out loud. Then take each word. “The” – not one of several but the. Then take “Lord”, ruler, master. Is He Lord of my life? Then the word, “is” present tense, right now He is Lord of all. Then the word “my” is personal. It brings it home to me…

Then “shepherd”. A guardian. A supplier. A guide. A protector. Then “I” – bringing it back to me, personally. Then “shall not”. Won’t. I need not fear lacking in something I need. He will take care of my needs.

Go through the verse (or verses) that way and see how it begins to shape your, thinking and give you wisdom. Then throughout the day return to the verse in your mind.

You will discover a whole new depth of wisdom.

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