We have entered Holy Week as we look toward the crucifixion and resurrection. I am always moved by the fact that as Jesus went to Jerusalem, “He resolutely set His face to go to Jerusalem” (Luke 9:51), even though He knew what would happen there. He went intentionally.

If you are like me you try to avoid, hurt, pain, bad people, upsetting situations… Not Jesus. He went right at it – He didn’t shrink back or hesitate. He was resolute. He was not to be dissuaded, discouraged, detained, detoured, distracted or delayed. He decided to obey His Father no matter the cost.

There was the celebratory entrance in to Jerusalem. That did not distract Him. When He entered the city Mark’s Gospel tells us, “He looked all around”. That did not discourage Him.

But what did He see? A crowd busy with the day’s activities of the Temple’s business. That did not detain Him. He saw the money changers cheating their customers. That did not dissuade Him. No doubt He was tired and the disciples a bit grumpy. That did not delay Him.

Surely, it was noisy with crying, bleating, yelling, laughter, kids playing, haggling – all that you hear in a market place. He did not detour around it. He stood erect, face full of determination and fury as He saw His Father’s house desecrated by the “business” of worship. He began to turn over the tables and reclaim the purpose of the Temple. This did not detain Him.

He knew why He was in Jerusalem and would not detour the city nor the hill that stood right outside the gate. He knew the descending gloom. He knew the battle was about to begin. He knew the searing
pain that was to come. He knew the betrayal was on Judas’s lips. He knew Peter’s love was conditional. He knew…

Yet “He resolutely set to go to Jerusalem.” What amazing love, How can it be?

If He were to come to you today and look around, what would He see?

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