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August 2017 Archives

The massive flooding in Houston is on everyone’s mind and heart. The threats of North Korea are concerning everyone. The unprecedented divisiveness in our country is affecting everyone. There was the total eclipse of the sun for the United States. …Read More

This morning on one of the Internet news websites – remember I don’t have TV any longer – the headlines were “The Day Laughter Died” and “The Day the Sun Went Dark”. The two reports concerned the death of Jerry …Read More

I am just back from a beach vacation with my children and grandchildren! We had a great time though the weather didn’t cooperate at all. We had only one good day out of 6 but that didn’t hold us back …Read More

We are passed “lambing season” but lamb has been on my mind… As a matter of fact, I am serving lamb tonight for dinner. I enjoy a tender piece of lamb with mint sauce once in a while. This week …Read More