A Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and those gathered around your table.

I love this holiday – so far they haven’t really found a way to over-commercialize it. It is simply family and friends getting together to share big bird, time-loved dishes from grandmother, football, conversation sprinkled with arguments all hemmed with nostalgia.

“They” are trying to encroach on the holiday by opening stores in the late afternoon or early evening. (In recent past, my youngest daughter ventured out to the stores and enjoyed the chaos. The older I get the less I like chaos.

All three of my children will be with me! And 6 of my grandchildren. I’ll share photos.

But I am sure each of you are preparing for the days with anticipation just like I do. All families are alike. All are dysfunctional. So don’t beat yourself up over some unpleasantness that occurs. Just don’t you be unpleasant!

And do take the time to thank God for His many blessings. In this country we are blessed with peace, bounty, beauty and diversity which adds color and texture to this amazing tapestry. I am blessed in my family with a father who is still living and has 4 great-great grandchildren and 4 siblings still living and in good health. I came through two successful surgeries this fall. My children are well and employed!

Sometimes I look around me and just thank God for the blessing of heat, a dry bed, actress to healthcare, a bed at night – not to mention that I can get out of bed on my own, can smell and see and hear. So often I just take it for granted…But it is all God’s blessing on my life.

It could be gone tonight…but He is still God and He still blesses me with His presence and love. Nothing can separate me from His unconditional love. Nothing can separate you for His unconditional love.

That is a blessing worth celebrating this Thanksgiving Day!

(And everyday!)


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