Rod Dreher

In Dallas (naturally), a parenting magazine discusses how easy it is for mommies who don’t like their post-child bodies to get surgery — and to have it financed! — to reverse the effects of time and childbirth. Don’t like what …Read More

Wrapping up my four Beliefnet years, I was thinking about the posts that attracted the most attention and comment in that time. Without a doubt the most popular (in terms of attracting attention, not all of it admiring, to be …Read More

Wow, they don’t make Presbyterians like they used to!

The BBC this morning reported on a bizarre case in Israel of an Arab man convicted of “rape by deception,” because he’d led the Jewish woman with whom he’d had consensual sex to believe he was Jewish. Ha’aretz has the …Read More

Take this tour through some recent economic charts from the Federal Reserve to get a picture of how terrible our economy really is. Seriously, it’s staggering stuff.

Here are 15 questions Google asks potential employees. Can you answer them? They broke my dang head.

I wrote earlier about how useful it is to humble yourself and try to see what the world looks like through the eyes of your opponents. Jonathan Rauch, the gay journalist and same-sex marriage backer, does an exemplary job of …Read More

I saw recently a statistic saying that China today exports as much every six hours as it did in all of 1978, when Deng Xiaoping’s revolutionary opening of China to the world started. Thirty years ago, would anyone have foreseen …Read More

By week’s end at the most, I’ll be saying goodbye to Beliefnet and moving this blog over to Big Questions Online. When I make the announcement, I’ll close all comments threads, because I won’t be able to monitor them anymore. …Read More

Andrew Sullivan, on the Octavia Nasr/Shirley Sherrod foofarahs: It seems completely obvious to me that the USDA needs to re-hire Sherrod just as CNN needs to rehire Octavia Nasr. Both were canned based on knee-jerk reactions to distorted fragments of …Read More