H.L. Van Buren sends this obituary for a Chicago couple who had been happily married since 1947, and who died within hours of each other. This is a weeper, for sure:

They had moved just last month to the San Diego area, to be near their daughter. But Mr. DeMuro — who had leukemia, Parkinson’s disease and diabetes — soon was in hospice care at their senior apartment. And Mrs. DeMuro — with diabetes, high blood pressure and heart failure — was soon on a ventilator at Sharp Grossmont Hospital.

Their children knew it was only a matter of time. So, on June 28, they had an ambulance bring Mr. DeMuro to the hospital on a gurney to be with his wife. He greeted his bride of 62 years as he always had: “Hi, Babe.”
“They had them facing one another in their individual beds, and we put their hands on top of one another so they could hold hands,” their daughter said. “Mom was awake. She said, ‘Lou, I love you. I had a wonderful life. I’ll see you in another place.’ ”

Before the sun went down that night, they were both gone. God bless Lou and Pat. We hear so much these days about marriages gone bad. What a blessing to learn of two who had a happy life together. They are an example to us all about the power of love and fidelity.

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