Have you seen the report that Bristol & Levi are shopping a reality show proposal around Hollywood, and may even be sounding out production companies for a deal to televise their wedding? Can I just say that that would be the awesomest television EVER!?! I can hardly fathom the exaltation of trashiness this would entail. Ignatius Reilly, you should be alive to see this moment. This would be way better than Billy Carter or Roger Clinton, yes? And there’s not a lot Mrs. Palin could do to stop it, because li’l Bristol’s all growed-up, and she is likely to be offered an irresistible pile of cash to exploit herself. We know Ricky Hollywood has no qualms about making a complete public fool of himself for cash. Here’s my problem: the prospect of a Levi-Bristol reality show is completely appalling … and just fantastically thrilling, for all the wrong reasons (i.e., you’re not supposed to enjoy watching a train wreck). Lord help me, my head may explode if this comes off. This is crack for Your Fallen Working Boy. I mean, just look! Twelve years since I’ve seen an episode of The Jerry Springer Show, after my poor wife shamed me into trash-TV rehab, and this will make up for all that lost time. Seriously, if this swanky pair really is shopping a reality show — and their lawyer wouldn’t answer that question earlier this week when asked — then I think we can officially embrace our inner cynic about this marriage. And now, friends, a word from Mr. Charles Nelson Reilly:UPDATE: By the way, I hope you enjoy these gonzo posts while they last. When my blog moves soon over to the new Templeton site, I’m going to sober up a bit. Oh, and I have to tell you, the comments are going to change. You’ll have to register, and opt in. You can still comment with a pseudonym, but we’re putting up that barrier to keep spammers and trolls out. We’re going to launch really soon, so these are my final days here on Beliefnet.

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