By week’s end at the most, I’ll be saying goodbye to Beliefnet and moving this blog over to Big Questions Online. When I make the announcement, I’ll close all comments threads, because I won’t be able to monitor them anymore. I’ll be giving coordinates for the new blog and all that, but because when I turn out the lights on my Beliefnet career, there won’t be any combox commentary after that, I want to give all of you a chance to say goodbye to each other, if you won’t be following me to the new blog. I devoutly hope you do, of course, but not all of you will. So, if you want to say anything to each other — nice things! — this thread is the place to do it. It will be open until the end, which is very close (I’m not saying when because we’re still doing testing on the new site, and I’m not exactly sure of precisely when we’re going to go live … but it’s very soon.)
Be kind, folks. Some of us have been together on this blog for a long time … and we don’t even know each others’ names! Funny how online community works.

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