Reformed Chicks Blabbing

Several people have asked about Michele’s condition, and have promised to pray for her. On her behalf, I thank you for that. I spoke with her a little while ago, and she asked that I come here and tell you …Read More

A man known in the cyber world as The Internet Monk, has died. Michael Spencer lost his battle with cancer tonight. My prayers go out for his family and for all those who loved and will miss him. 🙁

I’m coming out of my normal hiding place to make a few comments. The internet is a strange place. It is often a wonderful place, a helpful place, a unifying place. But it is also alienating, cold, and is the …Read More

Clever, very clever. And so true. My favorite part is when she says “If I had a thing going with Haiti, there’d be lots of banks, skyscrapers, SUVs, exclusive night clubs, Botox — that kind of thing. An 80 percent …Read More

Michele is having computer issues, and is unable to update the blog herself. She wants me to let you all know that her cancer is indeed back. She has her port again, and will resume chemo after the holidays. Michele …Read More

Did that grab your attention? This is my new favorite “let’s laugh at ourselves” blog. It’s called the Team Tominthebox News Network®, and it’s a riot. And after you read this article, find the one on ESV-Kindle-Only churches. How do …Read More

What happens when a big magazine publisher decides to steal a recipe from a small food blogger? I’m calling it Hurricane Marye. Marye Audet of Baking Delights is looking for justice. Just a by-line, just an apology for the oversight, …Read More

I originally posted this two years ago. I am posting it again because it still sums up my feelings about this day in history. Hug your babies, tell people you love them, tell them again. Look intently into the eyes …Read More

Here’s a neat idea destined to warm the cockles of the most hardened heart. A group of artisans is auctioning off a whole slew of really beautiful creations and all proceeds go to feed the poor. Call it what you …Read More

It seems that Oprah Winfrey has started her own seminary. Well, no, that’s not exactly true. But she is offering a 10 week seminar on her spirituality of choice. According to this brand of spirituality there is no need for …Read More