Several people have asked about Michele’s condition, and have promised to pray for her. On her behalf, I thank you for that. I spoke with her a little while ago, and she asked that I come here and tell you what’s going on, and to ask you to pray for her. She isn’t able to post here herself right now, as she is in a great deal of pain and gastrointestinal distress.
As you know, the cancer has returned, and it is very aggressive. The chemotherapy that began in January was totally ineffective. Yesterday she started a new drug, and we are hopeful that it will stop the growth of this cancer.

The elders from her church will visit her at home this evening, to lay hands on her and to pray. If you are willing, would you please join us all in prayer tonight?
I intend to closely monitor replies to this thread. I will forward any kind words to Michele, and I will delete anything that is uncharitable.
Thank you,
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