My husband told me that there are rumors that I’ve died. I’m happy to report that I’m still very much alive. My cancer has gone to stage four but we are controlling it with chemo, the cancer numbers are currently in the normal range. I’ve stopped blogging to concentrate on my daughters and writing a Bible study. I’m not sure how long my cancer can be controlled so that made me evaluate how I spend my time. I decided I don’t want to spend what time I have left blogging politics.

Thank you for your prayers, especially those you prayed when Angela requested prayers for me in April. It was around that time I started a new chemo drug and after one dose it stopped the tumor from filling my abdomen with fluid and then over time took away the pain I was experiencing (the pain got to be so bad, I had to wear a pain patch, now I’m pain free and no longer on pain medication). I hope you will continue to pray to the Lord for me even though I won’t be blogging any more. If you want to find out how I’m doing, feel free to email me at
BTW, don’t be surprised when this blog is taken down and assume that I’ve died. I’ve requested it be removed since I’m done blogging.
Thank you for your concern and for reading my drivel over the years 🙂
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