The pastor who encouraged his flock to bring their fire arms to church has a new calling now (one better suited to his interests): promoting gun ownership and church security.

He’s working part-time at a local gun range and has helped form a group called the International Security Coalition of Clergy, along with a New York rabbi and others who are promoting the use of armed and trained security at houses of worship.

He co-founded the coalition with a Rabbi:

He also has helped co-found an organization with New York Rabbi Gary Moskowitz dubbed the International Security Coalition of Clergy.
Moskowitz recently appeared on the cover of The New York Post along with other Jews in religious garb on a synagogue platform — posing with guns drawn, to demonstrate his campaign for congregations to arm and train members to defend against attacks. Moskowitz contended that people have been taking his appeal more seriously since law-enforcement authorities arrested four men in May on charges they tried to blow up synagogues in New York.
“The writing’s on the wall,” he said.
The two are planning to lead a tour to Israel next year — not to see historic or religious sites but to learn from their security forces.


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