A mildly amusing column by Dowd, her take of what Clinton and W’s reaction to the Obama Nobel Peace Prize win might have been:

CLINTON: The only peace Obama has made is bringing together the Taliban, Rush Limbaugh, the Palestinians and the Israelis to agree the guy is undeserving. It just confirms everyone’s suspicion that all this dude knows how to do is dazzle.

And SNL, Matt Lauer, the nation of Poland, Stephanopoulos, George Will (Brazile states that “it’s well deserved but he must earn it” :-), Jay Leno, the Washington Post (btw, I applaud them in their choice of an alternative recipient and if Obama had any humility, he would offer the award to her family), the British , Democrats, Time Magazine and even Obama, himself. All have expressed surprise over the choice and thought it should go to someone more deserving.
BTW, the reason Bill Clinton didn’t get it? Monica Lewinsky?

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