That’s a quote from Richard Dawkins hawking his latest book in an interview with Salon.

Doesn’t that make it difficult for a creationist to read this book without feeling insulted? Won’t that hurt your goal?
No, I’m not really aiming it at creationists. I don’t think they read books anyway, except for one book. It’s aimed at the intelligent layperson who does read books and who vaguely knows a little bit about evolution and who vaguely knows that there are creationists and maybe even vaguely thinks that he’s a creationist himself, but who is curious and wants to know the evidence.
It’s just that the evidence is so enthralling, it’s so exciting. It is so wonderful that here we are on this planet and we understand why we’re here. And it’s just a sort of ecstatic feeling to understand why you exist, and I want to share that feeling with other people.

What’s so funny about Dawkins’ quote is that he knows his last book was purchased by many Christians and he knows that they’ll probably buy this one as well (I’m waiting to check it out of the library) no matter how insulting he is to them. We have no problem reading the other sides’ point of view. But do they? Here’s one of the best books I’ve read from our point of view for those who really are free thinkers.

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