No surprise that charges are being filed in the balloon boy incident:

“We were looking at Class 3 misdemeanor, which hardly seems serious enough given the circumstances,” Alderden said. “We are talking to the district attorney, federal officials to see if perhaps there aren’t additional federal charges that are appropriate in this circumstance.”

Evidently, this is a family that likes the attention of the public:

He and his family appeared on the ABC reality show “Wife Swap,” and the show’s producer said it had a show in development with the Heenes but the deal is now off. TLC also said Heene had pitched a reality show to the network months ago, but it passed on the offer.

I wonder how they like being the newest obsession of the media? No matter how much you want to be in the spotlight, shouldn’t the extreme scrutiny by the press of the Octomom, the Gosselins and Joe the Plumber have been a warning against generating publicity?
BTW, here’s the “show” the six-year-old might have been talking about.

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