He doesn’t want to disrupt DC churches with gawkers displacing the members of the church and he doesn’t want to choice between the many black churches that were vying for his attendance. He’ll be going to the same church that Bush attended and will be able to worship in peace.
The chaplain is the grand-nephew of Johnny Cash:

Camp David’s current chaplain, Lieut. Carey Cash, leads the services at Evergreen. If the White House had custom-ordered a pastor to be the polar opposite of Jeremiah Wright, they could not have come as close as Cash. (As it is, the White House had no hand in selecting Cash. The Navy rotates chaplains through Camp David every three years; Cash began his tour this past January.) The 38-year-old Memphis native is a graduate of the Citadel and the great-nephew of Johnny Cash. He served a tour as chaplain with a Marine battalion in Iraq and baptized nearly 60 Marines during that time. Cash earned his theology degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth — and, yes, that means Obama’s new pastor is a Southern Baptist.

But according to the article he won’t be his spiritual adviser, Obama already has men to fill that role:

Obama has a small group of pastors he contacts for prayer and spiritual support (including two men who played the same role at times for Bush).
Those two, Kirbyjon Caldwell and T.D. Jakes, are both African-American ministers from Texas. Caldwell offered a prayer at Bush’s first inauguration and in 2008 he officiated at Jenna Bush’s wedding.

I’m glad he’ll be attending a church that avoids anti-Semitic and racially charged language and sticks with the solid biblical teaching. I pray his faith is strengthened and he comes to a better understanding of the God he serves.
Though, from a Christian perspective it’s a shame that one of his advisers is a heretic (T.D. James is a Oneness Pentecostal and denies the Trinity and the unique personhood of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

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