I would love to see this type of reality show here in America but I’d add a Protestant minister to the mix (preferably a Calvinist :-). This is definitely something Mark Burnett should think about doing. I’d watch it:

A new show set to grace Turkish television screens will see a Muslim imam, a Christian priest, a Jewish rabbi and a Buddhist monk competing to turn 10 unbelievers into devotees of their own faith each week.
Each week, a different group of atheists will appear in front of the religious leaders. The producers of the show are well aware that there is a chance none of the atheists will be convinced by the arguments presented to them. Yet if an ex-atheist is “persuaded” to start following one of the religions, he or she will have the chance to travel to that religion’s center, whether Jerusalem for Christians and Jews or Mecca for Muslims or Tibet for Buddhists.

But of course the Christians aren’t happy about the show:

Hakk? Devrim, a television commentator and columnist for daily Radikal called the idea absurd and said such a show insults religion.
“Religion is not a science, and it is not open to discussion,” Devrim said, adding that the program offers atheists a chance to voice their own thoughts.
“If I had to describe it with a word, it would be ‘unsuitable,'” said the columnist, who advised Kanal T not to take the risk of airing such a show in Turkey.

He doesn’t think it’s worth the risk, probably of inciting dissension among the religions especially in a place like Turkey (I don’t think too many viewers would be happy if the Christians or the Buddhists kept winning).
But I think it could be an opportunity to share the tenets of your faith with a wider audience who do not understand Christianity, Buddhism, etc. It’s not the perfect environment to do it, it would necessarily be superficial but you could get enough out to get the point across.
The one problem I see is that it would get repetitive after awhile if everyone made the same arguments week after week. Maybe they could make it more interesting by letting the religious leaders argue with each other. If they picked a different tenet of their faith to discuss each week, that might solve the problem.
(via and @denyreligion)
Updated: Ugh!!!! I had to change the title because I even though I know how to spell “conversion” I didn’t spell it that why when I wrote this post (I have no idea why, age? drugs? whatever).

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