25 new police officers in Ohio now have a job because of Obama’s stimulus package:

In January, more than two dozen new police recruits in Columbus, Ohio, were sent notices that they would be laid off, even before they were sworn in as officers. The city had spent $1.4 million to train them, but like cities everywhere, Columbus was running out of money.
But a few weeks later, the mayor rescinded the layoffs and told the recruits they would be joining the police force after all.
The turnabout came after President Obama signed his $787 billion economic stimulus plan into law on Feb. 17. At his signing ceremony, he mentioned Columbus’s would-be officers.

Here’s what Obama had to say to those who didn’t think Obama’s stimulus package would create sustainable jobs and was therefore not worth the cost:

Now there were those — there were those who argued that our recovery plan was unwise and unnecessary. They opposed the very notion that government has a role in ending the cycle of job loss at the heart of this recession. There are those who believe that all we can do is repeat the very same policies that led us here in the first place.

And though he’s saved 25 jobs, 651,000 jobs were lost in February. It appears that Obama has his work cut out for him keeping pace with the jobs lost under his watch. And those cops won’t be keeping their jobs if more private sector jobs aren’t created to pay for them. We need private sector jobs and his threat to raise taxes on corporations aren’t going to create them.

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