She said “This is what a feminist looks like.” Those of us who thought that feminists would never vote for a pro-life Republican have to eat our words because here is the president of the LA chapter of NOW supporting Palin!

Palin was introduced by Shelly Mandell, the president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women. Mandell supported Sen. Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary, but has now endorsed the McCain-Palin ticket.

I guess the woman thing trumps the ideology. If you worked all your life to see women given the same opportunities as men, it must be tempting to see that a woman could finally make it into the WH (well, at least the number two position but a heart beat away from number one).
BTW, this is one smart feminist, she recognizes that there is more to a feminist than supporting abortion. If the feminists want to expand their number, including conservative women among their number would be smart move. Making abortion the badge of a feminist, is a sure way to continue to marginalize the movement. The movement would expand greatly if it was about empowering women as moms, workers, wives and daughters and not just empowering them to abort their baby.
Another BTW, here are some shots of the crowds. Looks like they were packed in pretty tightly. And isn’t it amazing that Obama isn’t he only candidate to draw young people.

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