Oh.My.Heck! Some of the commenters on this blog have it bad, real bad. You guys have lost it and gone over the deep end. Political discourse has hit a new low on this blog (I can’t say on the Internet because that level was reached years ago):

Yes, our little GOP streetwalker is not only [bleep] for the McCain campaign, but she is engaging in sooth-saying by suggesting that it was Obama supporters that vandalized the home. It could just as easily have been McCain supporters doing it in hopes of generating some sympathy for their dying campaign.

I had to bleep it because a word was used that isn’t suitable for discourse on a public blog that my daughters read. The commenter should be happy with the result of his/her comment, you’ve silenced my seventh grader, she’s now afraid to blog. I told her not to let the words of others silence her voice, we have every right to speak. America was founded on that right. In a way, I’m not surprised that the commenter stooped to this level of discourse, it appears that the left is taking glee in proving just how misogynistic they truly are. I guess a female blogger has to be prepared to read all kinds of sexist comments in today’s environment of porno movies of our VP candidate, sexually suggestive campaign posters, sexual innuendos regarding our candidate and his running mate, etc. I guess being called a streetwalker par for the course if you offer an opinion that others don’t agree with. Long gone are the days when we could use arguments instead of misogynistic ad hominem attacks. Those of you who don’t read the comment section might be be wondering what heinous thing I said to unleash such a vicious attack, what sort of comment did I make that would cause a commenter to descend into the gutter and make such an overwrought comment? Here is the post and as you can see this was the extent of my comment:

Yeah, this should convince that McCain supporter to vote for Obama

Yeah, I don’t get it either. I can’t see how that comment could lead anyone to such misogynistic metaphors. Guys, when your anger reaches this level, you need to step back and reassess your reaction. Chill, you’re overwrought and need to calm down a little. You’re talking this all way too seriously. Here’s something to help you relax:Now, don’t you feel better?BTW, the commenter apologized, here it is. I found this line particularly appropriate to our situation here:

Gay and lesbian people are more than a topic. They are more than political agenda items differentiating one Party from another. They are beautiful people, created by the hand of a beautiful God.

I suggest that the commenter (and other MDS suffers who comment on this blog) substitute the word Christian and then heed these words of Jesus:

ESV Matthew 7:12 “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

I promise never to call you a streetwalker or use misogynistic metaphors when referring to you, so how about you doing the same? I will have to unpublish comments like this if you don’t because you really can’t make these types of attacks on a Beliefnet blog, it violates their rules conduct.

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