I hope everyone enjoyed their July 4th celebration. I thought that it would be dead yesterday and we were way down in traffic but that didn’t stop me from getting requests to join the Blogging Chicks but I’ve taken a few days off from adding blogs. I’m a little burnt out from the process. It would be much easier to add women if they didn’t have problem adding the code to their blog — that is the time consuming part of the process. I don’t mind helping but sometimes I have two or three at a time that I’m helping. It can get time consuming and then that’s all I do.

So, I took the day off and I worked on modifying a new template for the Blogging Chicks Blogroll Metablog. I really like it and can’t wait to finish it.
I also cleaned the house and got ready for my mom and dad coming over. They were bringing back my daughters. I missed them and am happy to have them back. We had cheeseburgers and shrimp, potato salad, corn on the cob and tiramisu. I bar-b-qued the cheeseburgers and shrimp with hickory chips and put a little garlic powder on each and some butter on the shrimp. It was really good, I’ll have to remember to do that again.
Because I was working on the template and not writing, I didn’t finish the Samson study in time to make the Christian Carnival. Actually, it turned out that the Carnival deadline was at 9:00 not 12:00, so I wouldn’t have made it even if I hadn’t been working on the template since my parents didn’t leave until after eight. Oh well, I did start it so I’m going to force myself to work on it the rest of the day so that I can publish it and submit it to the next Carnival early. I’ll give you a heads up if it ever makes it over there.
I really don’t like our new summer schedule, I can’t sleep in the evening and I get up after eight. I eat breakfast after nine and lunch around one and dinner after seven and then I stay up until two. Very annoying. Plus it’s hot all day and I spend most of my day in the family room with the air conditioner. And now that the girls are home, I can’t even be in their because of the TV. So, I guess I better drink plenty of water today because I’m going to be hot (and it doesn’t help having a heat producing laptop on your lap 🙂
Well, off to finish modifying the template, I’ll let you know when I’m done. I’m also working on the DC post. I showed my parents the pictures from the trip and I can’t wait to post some of the pictures, they really are great. I plan to post a couple of Sarah’s shots since her’s came out much better than mine. She did a great job with the Hope Diamond and she did an excellent job with an opal tiara that I couldn’t get a good shot of. My camera is supposed to be able to take pictures through glass but didn’t do such a great job in the Natural History Museum. She was able to take much better pictures without that feature. That’s not always the case, though.
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