I reflect on freedom and the responsibility and cost of freedom over at Reformed Chicks Blabbing. I reflected on the fact that man’s nature is to yearn for freedom. As a Calvinist I understand that man desires no ruler but himself. That he does not want to submit to the government or to God. Man’s basic nature is autonomy and it takes an act of God to change that.

I know that’s pretty meaty stuff for a day of fun and hot dogs and apple pie. Actually, I’m having shrimp, cheeseburgers, tiramisu and my mom’s potato salad. Her secret ingredient is mustard and pickle juice. I was going to make a Apple-Blackberry buckle but I couldn’t find any at the grocery store last night. I decided to buy shrimp to give my mom a treat but she probably won’t like them because they won’t have old bay seasoning. Her taste buds have been spoiled, I can’t stand the stuff. Maybe I’ll suggest that she bring her seasoning with her and then she will be happy with them.
I look forward to seeing my daughters, I haven’t seen them since Thursday. Too long!! Sarah called me Grandma on the phone last night, she forgot she had a mommy 🙁 See? Too long!!! I’m sure they had fun though and got to spend time with their Grandparents and their Aunt Maggie and Uncle Tom.
Well, I’ve got cleaning to do, I must prepare to celebrate my freedom by cleaning the bathroom and the doing laundry. Freedom from tyranny but not the tyranny of the dirty house.
I hope you enjoy your 4th and to my international readers, have a great day.
BTW, I hope that I will be able to post something for the Christian Carnival tonight and I will be blogging about my DC vacation on Wednesday. It’s a long post but it’s filled with great shots of my vacation.
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