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“What do you mean those are the only guys available?” Wes and I are now faced with the real possibility that Atlanta doesn’t have anymore tall, dark and suave men age 35 that can act. You would think that in such a diverse town this would not be a problem, right? But we chew through about 100 actors a year doing our reenactments for “Sid Roth’s, It’s Supernatural” TV show. This was our fear when moving here. I’m thinking of taking out an ad in the Hollywood Reporter: ACTORS! Move to Atlanta! NOW! I wonder who would give up “the dream” and invite real humidity into their lives? So, as it stands, we have until Thursday to find the right person…or should I say, we have until Thursday for my Heavenly Father to find me the right actor. It’s HIS show so I’m putting this back into his court. You can’t get a miracle unless you leave room for the miraculous to occur. Counterintuitive, ain’t it?

I have realized over the years that I am BARELY in control of anything…and I mean, ANYTHING. I know, I’m using a lot of capital letters in this post but I want this to really sink in. My efforts will more often get in the way of what my Heavenly Father has prepared for me and the sooner I realize this, the more joy I have because performance pressure is off of me and onto Him.

I have this quote at the end of one of email boxes for responses, “If God wants all the glory, He has to do all the work.” I chewed on that for a year and literally everyday, I began to realize how much this is true. Yet, Hollywood and those surrounding it are all about the credit. That is how you get your next job…what you did before, whether good or bad, so giving God all of the credit doesn’t come with a lot of understanding from the industry rank and file.

I ask God to let me say that I did stuff and He usually will figure out a creative way to promote me if I go ahead and put the credit where it is due…at His feet. He’s like that, loving on his children in different and unexpected ways.

Maybe today is the day that you give your Heavenly Father all the credit He deserves? See how He promotes you when you give Him the praise He so richly deserves!

“You are invited to come and audition for the 5:00 AM class.” I was shocked. There I was standing in front of my trainer and he is telling me that the group that everyone calls, “The Navy Seals’ has invited me to join them for morning workouts. I would have to “audition” and see if I could keep up but man, those women are amazing! I watched their class one day and saw the amount of weight they were lifting. I don’t come close! Their stamina of three minutes of jumping jacks might leave me in a heap. Think that’s easy? Go ahead, try it and then get back to me.

I’ve got tender knees and old carpal tunnel issues. I’m not a spring chicken anymore but I have made good progress in my own workout routine but these women…and their running three miles in the morning…Yikes.

My own group is not as dedicated as I have become. They are not moving as fast as I am so while “The Navy Seal Ladies” might be out of reach, I am beginning to eclipse those that work out with me at my more sane time of 8:30 AM. I’m in the middle between two groups.

How many times have I found myself there…stuck in the middle? It isn’t about effort. I work hard. It isn’t about talent like the New York Ballet. It’s exercise. No, I have to find some way of moving forward fast without killing my body. I will need help and rely on the wisdom of my coach.

My walk with God is similar in some ways. I work, work, work and find that I have worked myself into a comfortable corner with little way out on my own. I then have to rely on His wisdom and prodding to get me onto the next level. This is not comfortable and like lifting weights, it can hurt but it’s strength and endurance that you gain by the struggle that makes it all worth while.

What can God help you with today? Ask Him to coach you and look forward to the results!

“Honestly, we will have to push.” It’s Sunday and I don’t have one location, no actors and two crew members. Not the best way to have a shoot on Tuesday, but the miraculous happened. WE wanted to push our shoot to Wednesday or Thursday but most of our regular crew was unavailable and we still didn’t have any locations. So, on the way to church, Wes and I just agreed that we needed two places to shoot in and our Heavenly Father loves us and our client and it is His show and to please just give us what we need…and He did.

We got a location from our contacts at church, then we got our second location only four miles from the first location, our crew was all available but we needed to cast and get things into place in 48 HOURS!

If you don’t know anything about putting together a shoot let me just say it is kind of like throwing a party with a very specific guest list at a very particular place with very particular activities and then you edit all together. Now add food. It’s kind of like that so when I say we really only had 48 hours to get it all together, I will say that was NOT my plan.

Trusting God is always tricky. If He wants the shoot on Tuesday, it will be on Tuesday no matter what you think. At least I’m open enough to quickly adjust and accept that even knowing the amount of work that needs to take place in order for us to live up to His timetable, we still did it. What was so surprising was how stress-free the actual shoot was. But then again, trusting our Heavenly Father to take care of the details of our lives CAN look like this, we just have to trust.

What have you trusted God with today? Ask Him to take over running your life and see His hand gently guide you!