It was just a few months ago that HopeChest was busy selling t-shirts to benefit our sex trafficking prevention efforts in Moldova, and providing some needed support for Haiti.

Tucked in there was the chance to win a free missions trip with HopeChest. Something that Alexandra Warwick had been dreaming about. She wrote on her blog:

I want to go on the trip to Swaziland, not for fun, not for a vacation, but to start something bigger in my life. I want to dedicate my life to educating children and eradicating global poverty and for me, the logical first step is to visit the world and experience communities that do not have the luxuries I take for granted. I want to learn all I can from the people there so I can begin to understand what is needed to create change.

This simple statement reveals a heart filled with wisdom. That last sentence reflects a profound understanding of how change happens–and that it begins by learning and listening to those who are living every day in the shadow of poverty.

Alexandra did not win the trip giveaway.

But her sister Aliyah did. And when we called Aliyah, she interrupted to say, “Is it okay if I give it to my sister Alexandra.”

That was about 4 months ago, and today Alexandra’s leaving on that trip to Swaziland.

She’s agreed to take a ton of pictures and share her experiences in writing with us as she returns. Thank you for praying for Alexandra and her entire team as they leave today.

Join me in reading her latest blog post, and also encouraging her on Facebook.

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