By age 16, most children are forced to leave the orphanage. The vast majority struggle to adapt and survive as adults. Scared, confused, and alone, it is no wonder that these impressionable children have difficulty making the transition. In the past, these children had nowhere to go for help, and often ended up on the streets, in poverty, or dead. Today, they are seeking help—and a second chance—from our Ministry Centers.

Because children leave the orphanage so young and so unprepared, they are also so vulnerable. Stories abound of girls who disappeared or boys who ended up in prison. When they leave, they are often sent to a technical school dormitory or some other government-assigned housing.

One day, you are living in an orphanage with all of your needs provided by a team of caregivers. The next, you are living on your own and responsible for managing your life, budget, home, food, benefits, schooling, etc. Unfortunately, many orphans are destroyed in this process.

Teams from Woodmen Valley Chapel quickly recognized the power of the city to devour young kids who were completely unprepared for life on their own. That’s why they have been such strong innovators and supporters of programs that meet the needs of these older kids. In this latest video journal, Woodmen’s senior pastor, Matt Heard, reflects upon the stories of a few Mstyora graduates he met while in the Real Russia.

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