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An official statement is forthcoming…

This type of change is impossible without your voice and the voice of thousands. Over 10,000 voices joined together on behalf of the children of the Son of God orphanage. The government has acted to close the orphanage (see the AP report below confirming this).

We are continuing to pressure the Haitian government to conduct a deeper investigation of wrongdoing at this and other orphanages. The official release will contain more details. For now, thank you–your voice and prayers have been heard.

More details will follow…an important win, but much more to be done.  Your voice has been heard, action is happening, and we need to keep speaking up for these children. Encouraged, yes…but far from over!

And yes, keep sharing the petition to keep the pressure on for a full investigation.

Haiti closes orphanage for child neglect

CARREFOUR, Haiti (AP) — Haitian authorities have closed an orphanage outside the capital following complaints of neglect and abuse from U.S. missionaries working in the troubled country.

Officials with a Haitian child welfare agency say the Son of God orphanage has been closed permanently. Child welfare official Diem Pierre says the children will be taken by UNICEF to other group homes.

The closure was an unusually strong move in a country where child welfare laws are rarely enforced.

Pierre says inspectors found that children at the home were living in unsanitary conditions and were malnourished.

A group of U.S. missionaries who have been complaining about the home for months welcomed Friday’s action.

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