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One of the girls from Son of God with her new clothes and safely relocated to a new orphanage. Please sign the petition to continue pressure to find the remaining children and launch a full investigation of the IBESR.

Tiffany Cherry just returned from Haiti, having spent time with the kids relocated from Son of God Orphanage, and bringing the latest update and prayer needs.

Driving to the girls house where some of the girls were moved to, my mind was racing……. will they be mad at us? Will they be scared? What will this place look like?

I didn’t know what to expect.

As we drove in through the gates, I saw a few of our girls. A couple of the younger ones came running to us but the rest just stayed back. We immediately asked them all to come in to a room so we could talk to them. We explained to them what was going on, how much we cared about them and let them know we would be there for them.

We asked them if they had any questions for us and one of the girls raised her hand and said:

“I was scared until you got here”.

After that they started to warm up to us. We spent most of the evening with them. As it got later it was time to say good bye for the night. We reassured them we would come back the next day. Each day we returned the girls seemed happier. By their 3rd day there they were playing jump rope with some of the girls that lived there, singing songs and had smiles that would light up the entire place. 🙂

I wish this could be the happy ending to the story but it isn’t the end.

We still have many kids missing.

Many kids were not picked up the Friday morning when the orphanage was closed. How could this be? How could so many of the kids disappear? Where are they? Are they scared? Are the safe? These are the thoughts I can not get out of my head since I left Haiti and arrived home just a couple hours ago.

We asked some of the girls where the rest of the kids were…… they told us that they were notified the day before that the orphanage was going to be closed down. Therefore the director had time to get some of the kids out of there and leave.

This is why it is so important to sign the second petition for them to do an investigation on the IBESR. The director of the orphanage should not have known this was going to happen! She should not have had time to get kids out of there!

We are close, but not close enough.

We will fight until we find every single one of those missing kids. We will fight until an investigation is done on the IBESR. We have to be the voice for not only these kids but all the kids in Haiti that are affected by this same thing! Please click on the link below and sign the following petition and have everyone you know sign it.

– Tiffany Cherry

Please go to to sign the petition calling for a wider investigation into abuse and neglect in Haiti’s orphanages.

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