This just gets weirder and weirder. The post I wrote yesterday reported that 2,000 birds had fallen out of the sky dead as a door nail. Now, the report is over 5,000 birds and now that the autopsies are in, they definitely died from trauma. In all likelihood, internal bleeding from the fall. But still no one knows how 5,000 birds all died at relatively the same time in the air in a one mile radius.

Dead Birds.jpg
Now up to 100,000 dead and dying drum fish wash up in the Arkansas river, 500 more birds drop dead in Louisiana and there’s a report of 10,000 birds dying in Manitoba, Canada. What in the world is going on with all of these crazy animal deaths?!
People are trying to come up with reasons from a sign of biblical end times to chemical conspiracies, shifts in the Earth’s magnetic core, and even proof of UFO’s. Whatever the reason, it is strange and right now nobody knows what is going on.

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