The last week has been BRUTAL. A car accident, I threw my lower back out, I missed my book contract deadline, there are problems everywhere I look, I’m tired, angry, and border-line depressed. Just a typical week before I leave on a mission trip! Seriously, if anything could go wrong, it did. Crazy things always happen right before an overseas trip. There will be 25 people coming from Canada, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Ohio, goodness, everywhere – all sacrificing their time to help the orphans of Swaziland and South Africa. I especially covet your prayers while we’re gone because it will be long (almost two weeks) and we need to get a ton done every single day. I will be updating my blog with pictures and news about the days happenings. Thanks again for all you mean to me, Children’s HopeChest, and the orphans we serve. When I go on these kinds of trips, I genuinely feel like you are going with me. We get to do this together. Talk to you in a few days…Africasummer07_017

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