Wonder what I’m doing this week? Ministering with, and to, the next generation of LIONS!

And I’m loving it! It’s about orphans, church planting, and the nations. Want to come along?! These are our World Racers, theworldrace.org

Dream of a generation fully alive  9/14/2006

Posted by Seth Barnes

I feel a little crazy sharing this, but I’m consumed by this thing, so I have to throw it out there. You see, there is the dream I can’t shake. In my mind’s eye, I see a generation fully alive.

They live in community and work by teams. They are initiated into life in the Kingdom and know what it is to celebrate and minister on a daily basis.They have been deeply discipled and have experienced the walk of intimacy with the Father and the flow of ministry thru their fingers to broken people in their community and around the world.

They have been broken by the world’s pain and have abandoned the idols and adolescent amusements that used to keep them numb and ineffective. They have connected with widows and orphans in war-torn and AIDS-devastated places and understand what it costs to bring Jesus there. They have laid down their lives.

They have sold their earthly treasures for the pearl of great price, living simply and unencumbered so they can travel light. They are scattered across America and around the world. And in those places, they have awakened to their Kingdom identity and call. They have learned how to incarnate Christ in places where Hell had established a stronghold. They are building churches and orphanages. They are transforming their communities.

They are a generation that will cross over the Jordan to the promised land. They have their eye on the prize and are running hard after it.

I’ve seen the first fruits of this dream out on my lawn this week. They are amazing. I believe tens of thousands will follow after them.

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