Swazi_3_279The girl in the pink is the mom and the dad for her family. She finds the food, the water, all they need to survive. These children are known as ‘the head of the household.’ She’s about 9 years old and both of her parents have died from AIDS. Now, she’s trying to care for her little brother and sister – all alone.

Many days and nights there is nothing for any of them to eat. So, a man will come knocking on her door and offer her a loaf of bread in exchange for her body. She will have no choice but to accept – or starve. Tragically, this is too often the story for these children in Africa.

My goal is to make sure that in the places we work this never, ever happens. There will always be food and there will always be a safe place to sleep because of the churches, businesses and partners who are connected with Children’s HopeChest.

Please pray this prayer for the vulnerable children in Africa. Few people ever pray for them. It could be the difference between life and death:

We admit today, O Lord, the sorry state of the world. We have allowed hunger a poverty to exist so long that for millions it is the only way of life they have ever known. We have allowed too many children to pass from this life without tasting of the blessings that we take for granted every day.

Help us to see the world differently. Help us not to despair over the world’s poverty but to seek ways to end it. You told us the poor would always be with us, and for that reason we must open our hands and our hearts. Keep us from the callous unconcern that tends to take hold of those who have what they need for safety and security. Stir us with a vision of your own work in the world, and how you chose to do that work among us.

We pray for the children in Africa. Protect them from evil, nourish them, guide them by Your Holy Spirit and send your people to rescue them.


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