by Bruce Adams

I once read a story about a monk who became enlightened.
According to the story, there was a young man who was curious about how life
changes once one becomes enlightened. In order to get some clarity the young
man asked the monk two questions. The first question the young man asked was,
before you became enlightened what did you do? The second question he asked was,
after you became enlightened what did you do? Without hesitation the monk
replied before I became enlightened I chopped wood and carried water. After I
became enlightened, I chopped wood and carried water.


In an earlier blog I spoke of going through a sort of
transformational experience in order to write the spiritual book that God asked
me to write, Prophet or Madman.  For me, the changes and experiences went beyond anything I
previously believed was possible. I can honestly say  with complete certainty, my view and understanding of
creation can never go back to what I once thought life was. That does not mean,
however, that I can not do the same tasks or jobs I once did. Today for
example, I am going to be scooping Ice cream just as I have done for the last 6
years. In some later blog I will share my thoughts about free will and how our
ego and spiritual thoughts play into what we find ourselves doing in this world,
but for now I am going to share something else with you. – something guaranteed to make life a little sweeter/


For those of you who enjoy ice cream and coffee, I believe
you will find the following recipe a delight. To start off with you take one
shot of espresso and add about one and half ounces of half and half. Next add 2
scoops of snickers ice cram along with 1 scoop of cookies and cream and blend
until completely smooth. The combination of the caramel and the chocolate in
the snickers when combined with the creamy flavor of the cookies and cream come
together with the espresso in a way that just works. 


At Daddy Dee’s Ice Cream we call our shakes combined with
espresso Arctic Blasters. Although we are known primarily for ice cream and our
Arctic Blasters are almost like a well kept secret, once someone tries them they
are hooked. I have one customer, for example, that could not come in to the shop
with out ordering his Blaster. Being that many of our customers are snow birds,
they spend their summers somewhere up north. The gentleman I am speaking of
has family in Alaska and goes there most every year.

Upon his arrival 
back in town some years ago, he told me how much he missed his favorite coffee
drink and then shared a story. He went on to tell me that he told everyone he
knew in Alaska. What he told them was, if they want a Real Arctic Blaster they
would have to come to Daddy Dee’s Ice cream in North Ft Myers, Florida.


For any one out there that finds you don not have the right
ingredients for this recipe or you would rather we make it for you, please
remember we are open seven days a week.


P.S.  There is
not a day that goes by that we are not talking about and sharing spiritual
insights with anyone who is open and seeking. For those who have no interest in
speaking about God or spirituality, our ice cream and coffee drinks are just as sweet.


Love and Light


Brother Bruce

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