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Way back when, that is to say in the 1990s, Bruce Adams, our main character and proprietor of Daddy Dee’s Ice Cream parlor in Fort Myers, Florida, had a number of life changing visitations that redirected his life entirely and caused him to write a book meant to help us all awaken to our true nature as spiritual beings, as children of God, as brothers and sisters to one another.
After writing Prophet or Madman, another, more earthly realization dawned on Bruce:  “I need some help in getting my message out there.”

By luck of the draw, Bruce hit upon Steve Allen Media.  Well, there’s a bit more than luck involved.  You see, Steve Allen Media happens to specialize in representing a number of authors and speakers who specialize in matters of the spirit, matters of the heart.  In fact, Steve calls his company “PR with a Conscience.”
As you can imagine, many, many authors seek the services of Steve and his company to get their work noticed and promoted.  So, just what is the selection process involved when Steve Allen Media takes on a new client?  That, dear viewer, is what tomorrow’s webisode is all about.  I’m afraid you won’t learn any inside secrets to success in the public relations business, or into the business of writing best selling self help books, for that matter.  What we do hope to offer is a little life lesson, a lesson about listening to your instincts, about listening to life in the many and often unexpected voices in which it speaks to us.
Most of all, this is a chance to meet Bruce Adams and listen to one of his stories for the first time in something more than a short sound bite.  Following the path on which he had been directed, Bruce went into a lovely park near his home in Florida to meditate and seek guidance during the time he was working, struggling to put his message into a form that people could understand.  Bruce found the guidance he sought, but from a most unusual source.
Steve, too, gets his lesson.  As he says, “You know how there’s always something in life, something in every story, that tips you one way or the other?  Here’s what tipped me…”  And, boy did Steve ever get tipped.
In our webisode for tomorrow, we present Flavor Number 3, Bugs, as our characters, Bruce, the Ice Cream Man who God spoke to and Steve, his chosen public relations representative (also the Father of the Ugly Baby from the Seinfeld series) decide to unite because, among other reasons, there is no separation in creation.
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