by Steve Allen Prutting


Hi everyone.  Thanks for taking a moment to tune in to our “Lighter Side of Higher Consciousness” web series.  I’m Steve Allen Prutting, the narrator of this series, as well as Bruce’s side kick on this never-ending road show.  I’m writing this first blog to share with you all a little background so you’ll know how this project got off the ground.  I have so much to tell and so many blogs to tell it in!  Here we go!

    Five years ago, Bruce called me out of the blue.  He told me that he had been ice skating with his son when God spoke to him, and that he had been guided to write a book.  Bruce told me that he had recently completed that book and that I was the man to get his book and message out to the masses.  (You see, I have a bi-coastal PR firm that promotes many of the top authors/ products/ projects in the metaphysical/ self help/ green/ health worlds.)  I shared Bruce’s powerful book and materials with my good buddies, film maker pals….. The rest of the story is our web series.  The web series has been edited so that it will unfold quite quickly (one episode per week), and it will lead you right up to the present.  You, the viewer, will ride shot-gun as Bruce and I travel this beautiful country and banter with the souls of America.  No matter what, it’ll be fun.

   I’d like to mention that Bruce, the ice cream man, has fun saying that all people and all things are unique, but perfect, like different flavors of ice cream, and they all taste great.  It’s a good rap- one that the crew and I have bitten into.  We sincerely believe that if we can get more people to see this truth, our world will be a much better place (as clichĂ© as it sounds).  If anything, we hope to nudge you, our viewer, to follow your own voice of conscience, your persistent guidance that is everywhere, right here amongst the midst us, guidance that leads to the joy that all of us seek.  Presence brings presents….. Enough for now….. Welcome aboard!



    Since the topic will come up eventually, I’ll just go ahead and mention it now.  I was an actor for a good chunk of my life before climbing into the PR world.  After my wife gave birth to our fourth child, it became very clear that I needed to change professions (so I could feed a family of six).  By that time, I had done close to 20 different roles of all sizes on numerous TV series- all speaking roles, but some bigger than others.  The one role that still stands out (and this was not a lead role by any means), the one that everyone remembers, is that of the original “Father of the Ugly Baby” in the Seinfeld series.  I remember when I was auditioning for the part with Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Jerry Seinfeld in the room.  They both said to me, “Life will never be the same after this role.”  They were right.      


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