By Bruce Adams

Before hearing God sometime back in 1996, I believed my life
was pretty much like most others in this world.  I was a father, a husband and a businessman.  Many would say I was living the American dream:  Living in Florida with a loving family, a beautiful home on the water, complete
with a heated pool and spa as well as a boat docked in the back yard.  I remember thinking,  “What more could anyone ask for?”  In the way of the world, once that
question had been asked, it did not take long for my mind to come up with many
somethings more.  The answer that
came to me was to create a company that would make millions of dollars, so
rather than take that occasional trip to Europe with my family we could travel
wherever and when ever we wanted to.

Without going into all details, I developed a business plan
and worked on it over the course of the whole of 1995. Oddly enough, it was
only when everything was in place and I was ready to launch a new
business that my life and my view of reality took a turn, to put it mildly.
That turn was triggered by hearing God speak to me and tell me to forgo the
project I had worked on for so long. Additionally, I was I was told specifically to start
mediating every day.  With no
small degree of hesitation, I put my business plans on hold.  And I began to meditate.  When I first began meditating, I felt
pretty silly because nothing seemed to be happening.  On numerous occasions I remember asking myself,  “What are you doing? Are you

I keep asking for signs to show me that what I was told had
indeed come from God and not just my imagination.  One day in particular, I was feeling that it was too hard to let go of the picture of the future I had
planned for both myself and my family. What was happening to me seemed too bizarre to
blindly trust and justify throwing away my dreams. Yet, there was something
that told me what I had experienced was real. The internal struggle seemed at
that time almost too much to take.

Realizing that there was no one I could talk to about what
was happening, I asked God to show me that indeed these new sensations, this
new direction was coming from Him. Immediately upon my asking, while stopped at a traffic
light, a bird appeared and flew to the drivers’ side window beside me. Up
to that moment I had never seen a bird flutter in mid air and stay in one
spot other than a humming bird. I am not an expert on birds but I can say it
with complete certainty this was no humming bird.

Although the experience lasted only for a couple of minutes,
when that bird make eye contact with me I knew God had sent the
confirmation I had just asked for.

Over the next few months I continued my regimen of
meditation and prayer.  All that time I did not know what to make of what was happening.
Today however, I now know I was being prepared for a role I was
play. That role is prophet or madman.

Once I accepted that I was here to do something other than
live the life I had previously known, I was given a message to write a
spiritual book.

Possessing little or no understanding of the world
religions, not to mention metaphysics, I thought I was
being called to do the impossible. Day after day I would meditate and pray for guidance. My prayer was always
the same, “God, just show me what you want me to write.”

What happened next made every moment of my life and every
memory of that life appear to have been a kind of dream.  I wish there were some way to convey a picture of the
connection, the union I experienced, but words fail.  The only way I can come close to describing my experience
with words is to say I was instantaneously gifted with an overview of the whole
of Creation and a realization that we all are a part of a living consciousness
that is infinite and beyond the boundaries of linear time and space. I was left with not
only the picture of all dimensions of time and space as an interconnected whole,
but with clear direction that I was to write about and teach what I had been shown.

I can honestly say that although there are times when my ego
personality shows me that it is a breath away and I can have a
judgmental thought on occasion, I can never forget that there is another level of
awareness available to each and every one of us in this world.
Regardless as to what nationality we come from or what religion we are practicing,
the truth I am here to share is that Our Creator is Unconditional Love and
Ever Present.

Each and every one on this planet is equally a part of the
same living consciousness. 
It matters not so much what name or label you use. What matters is how you interact with every other one of Our
Father’s Children.

 It is a wonderful step in my journey to join Beliefnet and
to be given this opportunity to meet so many of my brothers and sisters in our
human family I haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet.

Love and Light,

Brother Bruce

Prophet or Madman



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