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Mara Vanderslice is the organizing force behind the Matthew 25 Network. Prior to founding Matthew 25, Mara worked with Common Good Strategies, a political consulting firm that worked on connecting elected officials, candidates and state parties with America’s diverse religious communities. CGS worked on numerous successful political campaigns in 2006. Prior to that, Mara was the Director of Religious Outreach for the Kerry-Edwards 2004 campaign. Mara’s work has been profiled in The New York Times, TIME magazine, The Washington Post, ABC News and the Christian Broadcasting Network. Mara also appeared as a guest on The Colbert Report on Comedy Central.

Over 750 emails now have been sent to Focus on the Family, rejecting the 2012 fear mongering letter!  Please help us keep them coming! Here are some of the highlights from the emails we’ve received of letters that have been …Read More

Catholics should guard their windshields this coming weekend. Priests for Life held a national conference call on Oct. 27th (posted on their website) where they spoke to volunteers who they had been recruited to flyer Catholic church parking lots with …Read More

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The Letter from 2012 in “Obama’s America” issued by Focus on the Family Action, describing a dystopian world under an Obama Presidency, has begun to incite a backlash against Focus on the Family.  Check out the reactions from readers at …Read More

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Religious voters are really paying attention this election cycle- and writing about it on their blogs. Here are excerpts of dozens of blog postings we’ve run across just in response to the Matthew 25 websites. For links and a full …Read More

In tonight’s Presidential debate, Senator Obama emphasized his commitment to finding common ground by seeking to reduce the need and numbers of abortions.  What was amazing to watch was the incredibly favorable response from Uncommitted Ohio Voters on CNN.  Watch …Read More

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Interview with Doug Kmiec by Eric McFadden in response to Right to Life Criticism on “Abortion Reduction Scam” Recently Deal Hudson published a statement by Doug Johnson– Legislative director of National Right to Life, where Johnson and Hudson refer to …Read More

Beginning next week, the Matthew 25 Network will run a new ad on Christian radio stationsin Ohio connecting the Christian mandate to care for the least among uswith the economic crisis in Ohio and around the country.  FormerCongressman Tony Hall, …Read More