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Respond to Focus on the Family Action “Letter from 2012 in Obama’s America”

James Dobson is promoting a Letter from 2012 purporting to offer a vision after four years of an Obama
administration. This letter, filled with doomsday projections, is
fearmongering of the worst kind – a sensationalist fiction with almost
no basis in reality.

How does it
reflect on our Christian witness in the world to see self-described
Christian leaders engage in such blatant fearmongering in order to
influence a political race?  When Americans read Dobson’s letter, do you
think they’ll come away thinking better of Christianity – or worse?

Dobson should hear from those in the faith community that find this
tactic appalling. Please tell James Dobson and Focus on the Family how
you feel.

As Christians we have been
choosing hope over fear for 2000 years. Our public witness should
reflect our deepest hopes, not provoke unfounded fears.

set up a form that will allow you to send an email message to Focus on the
Family’s Citizen Link email address.  Send in your response today!

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