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Chris Kelly reports at on the sad racist pathology at the Christian backed website You can tell that this fellow Burt Prelutsky doesn’t even really know he is being horribly racist and offensive by any common standard of decency in America.  It is shocking that someone like this could have an audience still in 2009.  Not to mention that a Christian organization is funding him and amplifying his hateful voice.   

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Burt Prelutsky was a TV writer a long time ago. Then he aged out of it and became a crank. This wasn’t one of those major loses like Steinbeck. Now he writes a column for, the popular website owned by a Christian radio network.
Here’s something from his current offering:

Prelutsky: Take Michelle Obama…please. Every time I turn around, there she is on a magazine cover. Now, normally, like the Mafia, I lay off the spouses, but inasmuch as this particular spouse attended the same racist church as her hubby for 20 years, I’ll make an exception in her case. After all, in spite of the fact that affirmative action got her an Ivy League degree and a $7,000-a-week salary and, moreover, has sent billions of dollars for no particularly good reason to Africa, she insists this is a mean country. The burning question in my circle is: if the First Family gets a female dog, will she be the First Bitch or will she have to settle for second place?

Prelutsky: Naturally, the left-wing media is now trying to convince us that this James Brown-look-alike has all the allure, glamour and fashion sense of Jackie Kennedy.

Prelutsky: If we were a racist society, Oprah Winfrey, your fairy godmother, certainly wouldn’t be a billionaire; she’d be fetching someone’s mint julep. And Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice wouldn’t grow up to be secretaries of state; they’d be sweeping out the stables. And Will Smith and Denzel Washington wouldn’t be movie stars; they’d be in the fields picking cotton.

You can read the rest at Townhall

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