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Apparently we have a deal to bail out Wall Street using 700
Billion dollars of tax payer’s money to ensure that we same tax payers don’t
suffer an even more severe downturn.  The frustrating thing for most of us following the financial news
over the past week is that we don’t really understand the economic principles
at work that made and make the situation so dangerous. As CNN’s Campbell Brown indicates in her recent commentary we basically have to trust that the
very people who watched while things got broke will be wiser when they put
things back together.

Listening to President Bush, Paulson and Bernanke explain
all of this is akin to hearing someone talking about a natural disaster.  This happened, it is horrible, and if
we don’t fix it the world will spiral downward and out of control.   So, please, send us your money or
more people will suffer. 

Well, I don’t know a lot about economics, but I do know that
this wasn’t a natural disaster; this wasn’t an act of God that created the
financial crisis that we are apparently in – it was acts against God.  It was the sin of greed and excess and
worshiping at Mammon’s feet by some careless, guilty and very rich souls that
got us here.   While I can’t
say exactly what I want to have happen on the economic front, I can say on the

I have not heard one person or financial group stand up and
say that they are sorry that they broke the public’s trust and personally
acknowledge that their short sightedness and greed caused this collapse.   It is a spiritual tenet of my faith that until you have repentance
and atonement, that you cannot have forgiveness and reconciliation.   Wall Street – the American people are waiting.  

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