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I hope both Senators Obama and McCain show up for the debate at Ole Miss. Its important to see our two choices together, interacting, answering the same questions. Showcasing why they should be President is pretty much their job right now. Walking away from debating before the American people, when the choice we must make is so important for our future, should be as hard to do as a working American telling his banker he thinks he’ll suspend paying that mortgage until the economic crisis is over.

I’m a Mississippian. In fact, I grew up 45 minutes or so from Ole Miss. Its always fun welcoming people to my motherland. But, its always hard work, too; helping poor, deprived visitors understand the differences between grits and hushpuppies, cornbread and cake… molasses and glue. I saw a Northernor once mistake glue for molasses… it wasn’t pretty when he ate those biscuits (just kidding.)

Of course, we don’t have moose but we have plenty of deer, quail, rabbits, squirrels (no, they’re not rats with tails) and other game animals for those visitors who are part of the national press corps and may want to actually experience hunting or shooting a gun since they write on these things.

A fun side show for us locals will be going down to various local Double Quick convenient stores and watching visitors try to understand the directions the cashier is sharing… “Yall go down there past the third cotton field and look to your right, that will be Mr. Smith’s farm. Don’t turn there. Go past it and take the third right before you cross Dry Creek…” I understand. Do you?

In other words, we’d really like to have everyone visit Mississippi for the debate. If there is no debate we don’t get to showcase our small towns, new gleaming elementary schools, Main Streets with their steepled churches and wonderful families offering a smile and slice of apple pie. What a shame.

But the real shame is simply not debating. We have serious issues in this nation and world. We must hear our choices for President debate each other. We must have the opportunity to make honest, educated choices.

The future is not in one year or two. The future is in about 40 days. Suspending the debate is pure negligence.

So. I want to be the first to welcome all of yall to Mississippi. God Bless.

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