I don’t know about you- but I found this McCain campaign ad “The One” to be one of the most offensive ads we have seen in American politics to date.  


At best, this ad implies that those who plan to support Senator Obama are looking for a new savior or a replacement Messiah.  But many are reading it even more darkly as an attempt to portray Obama as an anti-Christ figure. 
A vote for Senator Obama is a vote for the man we think will make the best President, not for a new Messiah.  As Christians, we have one Lord And Savior.  Jesus Christ.  It is blasphemous to suggest otherwise.

And it is beyond offensive to suggest that Senator Obama is a false Messiah or the anti-Christ himself.  How low can we go?  It shows the McCain campaign is willing to make a mockery of our faith to feed people’s fears.  Christians need to reject this out of hand.

We will be calling on the McCain campaign to repudiate this ad and take it down immediately.  If you would like to add your voice to this effort, please email me at mara@matthew25.org. 

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