Progressive Revival

Over the last quarter century, religious has almost become synonymous with Republican and right wing. Religion has been limited to abortion,  homosexuality and stem cell research.  But that is changing. People of faith are reviving the movements that helped to make America a more just nation–care for the immigrant, the children and those who labor.

Today,  I launch my blog with praise for the Catholic clergy and rabbis who marched along with 1000 peaceful protestors to decry the working conditions at the meat packing plant in Iowa which federal authorities raided last May and detained nearly 400 illegal immigrants mostly from Guatemala.   Over the last few months, evidence of exploitation, child labor and unsafe working conditions has emerged. Sixteen year old working 15 hour days six days a week.

The clergy who led this protest walk the great tradition of religious leaders who have fought for the justice and the common good.  Our sense of solidarity with these women and men who have been detained in Pottsville  helps us realize that they like us want a better life for themselves and their  family.

Commitment to the common good reminds us that we are connected to one another and that our well being is based on the community and country in which we live.

Yesterday’s protest is yet another example that those in the progressive religious tradition are raising our  voices and our visibility. Religious politics is changing.

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