Behold His mighty, er, Text!"

Ah!  What Moses could’ve done if he’d had an iPhone or Droid in his hands.

Then again, maybe it’s a good thing the Lawgiver of Old did not have such high-tech options. As it was, we got Ten Commandments few people (well, none) are able to completely follow.

Can you imagine what he may have downloaded from Mount Sinai with not two stone tablets, but gigabytes of data storage available? Oy Vey.

OK, probably a poor attempt at humor. Forgive me. You know, you’re supposed to do that, if you are a believer.

Thank you.

All of this is a long way of getting into this particular blog’s topic: The ways that technology has made the scriptures of all the world’s major religions available to read on smart phones, e-readers, laptops, touch pad computers, etc.

But to keep our heads from spinning too much, let’s stick to smart phones.

Bottom line, you have no excuse not to read your Bible, Talmud, Qu’ran, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, etc., anymore. There are, indeed, apps for that. Or those. And many of them are free.

Word of God -- in the "cloud"

Personally, I use Tecarta’s software on my Droid X and Nook Color e-reader alike. With a single touch, I can switch between, say, the New International Version to the King James, or compare a passage in the popular Message paraphrase. Many other translations and commentaries, devotionals, etc., are available for download, some free some for purchase.

I am also a fan of YouVersion, the brainchild of This works best over a solid 3G or better network and, in that sense, operates out of a “cloud.” Although the term refers to data, given the spiritual nature of all this, you’ve got to love the imagery.

YouVersion currently offers 113 translations of the Bible in 41 languages. The app download is free.

There are many, many other options, too, among them such favorites as OliveTree and Laridian.




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