If you count on something outside of yourself to turn on passion, purpose and joy, then something else will be able to turn it off.  Understand that your purpose is within, awaiting your invitation to appear.  It is a gift instilled in you at birth, even at the moment of conception.  You don’t have to wait for somebody or something to turn on the purpose switch. You can activate it yourself.

I like to review some of the old school inspirational videos and audios. They’re oldies but goodies. In only one message, you receive a nugget that can shift your thinking completely. I enjoy Zig Ziglar’s great advice. He challenges us to focus on purpose-centered living. Zig says the place to start living a purpose-centered life is by evaluating where you are.

The purpose of your life is to have purpose. There is no greater measure than to reflect on the eight pillars of purpose: Happiness, good health, prosperity, security, friendship, family, peace of mind, and hope.

Turn it on— be happy, healthy, prosperous, and secure. Enjoy good friends and family relationships. Achieve peace of mind with the hope you find within.

– Lucinda Cross, – Prayables Featured Writer

TAKE ZIG’S QUIZ! “Evaluate Where You Are.”

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