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Add beautiful lyrics, to a sweet melody and throw in a dash of Bebo Norman. You’ve got a perfect love song: Not Living in the In-Between. Bebo Norman’s heartfelt music is today’s Prayable pick. Share this song with someone you love and stop living in the in-between.

Not Living In The In-Between – Lyrics

Can I come close to you
Hold your heart and never move
I’ll never move

Well I can’t be anything I’m not
You get what you see

But I’m gonna give you everything I got
I’m not living in the in-between
I’m not living in the in-between

Can I walk right next to you
And never stop I’ll be the proof
I’ll be the proof

Look up, look up it’s like the sky is falling
Down on us
Wake up, wake up it’s just this dream I have
It’s made for us, for us

Composer, Bebo Norman

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