“I believe teenagers are God’s revenge on mankind. One day God is looking down over his creation and says to himself, ‘Hey, let’s see how they like it to create someone in their own image who denies their existence.'” – Jeff Allen, Christian Comedian

Why does stand-up comedy have to be so blasphemous?  I was at a comedy club recently. The comedian swore incessantly and used God’s name in vain, over and over again. It’s enough already with the F-bombs, G-dammits and Jesus F’in Christs.

The comedians who form the Christian Comedy Association are onto a hot little secret: Christians laugh. And so do Jews, Muslims and people of all different faiths.  We love a good joke and it doesn’t have to be dirty. A punch line can be delivered without offensive punctuation. In short: Humor is a blessing.

That’s why performing without smut, is big business for religious performers. Churches, corporations and even comedy clubs are turning to entertainers who use  wholesome material and language that is respectful.

Jeff Allen is one of those comedians. He changed his act after becoming a born-again Christian. He’s never been funnier or more successful. He says he became a better comedy writer after his new found faith forced him to find humor without using curse words or shocking blasphemous statements.

What does Jeff’s turn-around say for the rest of us? It shows us that we too, are more successful when we change for God. We learn how important it is to be more discriminating when it comes to the company we keep. When we re-think “funny,” we’re raising ourselves up to a higher plane of spirituality. God likes us close for a kinder more gentle conversation.

Susan Diamond, Prayables

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