You don’t need to be fixed; you just need to be free. Let me repeat that…you don’t need to be fixed you just need to be free. You must not and will not let anyone, anything, any thoughts confine, define or bind you.

Today’s F’ing up story is about FREEDOM. What does freedom feel like for you? What does freedom smell like for you? How does freedom feel?

Freedom requires you to let go from the self imposed, self inflicted limitations of feeling and believing you are not enough, and you are doing something wrong. You must not and will no longer let anyone, anything, any thoughts, confine, define or bind you.

When you look at freedom do you experience the benefits of being free or do you find yourself carrying dead weight? Don’t allow yourself to be mentally bound, by believing you’re not good enough, smart enough, tough enough, young enough, or big enough to have freedom.

Freedom requires you to let go and release your mind, heart, and soul from the fear that someone or something on the outside can stop you, harm you or hurt you on the inside.

When you allow yourself the permission to be free, you will be able to use the gifts that God has given you with no restraints. You allow yourself to develop, to be used and not abused. You begin to live your legacy.

The goal is to get free, to leverage and maximize the use of your gifts so that you leave a mark, make a contribution to good. Not just using your gifts with the intent to earn money. Even though you may earn lots of money, you want to use the gifts to show gratitude for being here.

Give! Spend! Unconditionally! Maximize every opportunity to give freely! Show you are grateful. As you step into this new level of freedom, then you will BE the gift to someone, everyone, and everywhere.

You will BE the gift to everyone that comes on your path. Think it! Plan it! Envision it! Feel it! Put effort to it! Be it! Live it! See yourself and all your thoughts, ideas, talents as gifts from God given to you for the purpose of giving to someone else. Give the gifts away, everyday! Reach, stretch, and give!

I Am Free.

Lucinda Cross, Prayables Guest Writer
Lucinda Cross is author, coach and founder of  Corporate Mom Dropouts, a book, blog site and a lifestyle.  Email Lucinda or find out more at and

© 2011 Lucinda Cross. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission.


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