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Said Musa has been released from death row!

KABUL, Afghanistan — Said Musa, an Afghan Christian convert who had been ordered to recant his faith in Jesus or be hanged to death — has been released.  

Thousands of Christians had been praying for him worldwide.

Said Musa was imprisoned in May 31, 2010, after a television station in Kabul broadcast images that showed Western Christians baptizing Afghanis. Ever since, he has remained in Kabul Detention Center, where family members reported he had suffered terribly — the victim of sexual assault and physical torture.


“I got confirmation today that he is out of the country,” said Aidan Clay of International Christian Concern. “It’s done. He’s out.”


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Christians in India reject government’s ‘whitewash’ of attacks


Thousands of Christians in India this week held a protest rejecting a government report on attacks on a number of churches in the Karnataka area of India last year.


August 15, 2010, will be etched in the memory of Pastor S R Satish’s memory. On that day, as the entire nation of India celebrated Independence Day, he was attacked at his church by about 40 people. Worse, when he complained to police, he was thrown into jail for three days with no reason given for his imprisonment.

“It was a Sunday and a man named Vinod came into our service with about 40 men,” he remembers. They proceeded to destroy Christian literature and vandalize the building, terrifying worshipers. When Pastor Satish demanded they stop, he was beaten. When he filed a report with police, he was jailed.


“But the good thing was that the Lord gave me an opportunity to comfort at least five inmates of the jail who confessed to their crimes and wanted to be relieved,” Satish said of his imprisonment. He asks that Christians pray for his congregation – and that the youth of the congregation not be intimidated, but continue to testify of their faith even if it means physical attack and imprisonment.


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Egyptian Christians worry after leader asks them to bow to Allah


In what Egypt’s Christians fear may be a sign of things to come, a senior Islamic cleric asked Christians to bow in Muslim prayer in an act of submission to Allah. On Friday, famed Egyptian theologian Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a spiritual leader to the Muslim Brotherhood who hosts a popular Islam-themed television show on Al Jazeera, led the Islamic prayer services in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the epicenter of Egypt’s uprising. While he repeatedly offered nods to Egypt’s Coptic Christians, he specifically singled them out, telling them to bow in Islamic prayer.


Pray for their safety and that the new government in Egypt will not be dominated by Islamic hardliners bent on persecuting non-Muslims into submitting to Islam.


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