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waterfallsIn the summer months millions of people make time to retreat
into wilderness settings. From cottage homes, to trailer parks, hiking,
camping, summer camps, resorts and canoe trips, there is an inborn instinct to
“get away from it all.” The irony, of course, is that when we are “in the
middle of nowhere,” we finally feel like we are truly somewhere that matters;
and once we get away from everything that fills our lives, we encounter what is
truly important.

This summer, make the commitment to get away to a wilderness
setting. The further and less connected to a city, cell phone or computer the
better. Regardless of your income or work life, we can all find a way, to get
away. Whether its borrowing a tent and taking a bus to the nearest national
park, or getting group of people together for a well planned adventure, one
thing that cuts across medical and spiritual traditions around the world is
that being is nature has a healing effect on the body, mind and soul.

When you plan your escape, remember to ensure that at least
a portion of your time is unplugged (no phones, computers, TV’s or iphones/pods/pads.
Even just a day or two of environmental silence and connection to the natural
rhythms of the natural world will help you to put life in perspective and slow
down. Take a journal or some inspiring reading with you if you really want to
make the most of it and be sure you don’t simply go to a location in nature
where you spend all your time indoors, admiring the scene through the window.
The greatest impact on your well being will always occur up close and personal.
Go for walks, hikes, bikes, or even find a way to get out on the water.

It’s the kind of medicine you don’t need to understand for
it to work. You just need to take the time and watch for the results.

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